The key to success in an audition (or any job interview) is standing out from the crowd by establishing methods that will make you more noticeable amongst the competition. Thanks to the advancements in casting technology, performers are afforded the convenience of making their presence known by casting directors and producers without leaving their home. Getting onlineinstead of standing in line is the most cost-effective hiring resource that offers the ability for hundreds of prospective talent to be screened in a tenth of the time of live auditions and gives the performer the opportunity to perfect their material before it’s ever seen, which can potentially increase casting possibilities.

Although online screening saves hours of time and travel costs for all parties involved, new tools present new pitfalls for auditioning. The sheer number of profiles casting directors and producers scan through is staggering. Live audition screenings have become truncated as the amount of people seeking jobs in the entertainment industry have exploded while online screening even further reduces the time spent looking at talent demo reels.

How do I stand out?
Simon Cowell gives some great live audition tips in his X-Factor video that can be also applied to online auditioning:

Simon’s 5 points apply directly to online auditioning

  1. Song Choice (performance choice)
  2. Rehearse
  3. Be Original
  4. Don’t be afraid to be “Out there”
  5. Don’t take no for an answer.

This is great advice that can be applied to all types of performer auditions and not just vocalists.

Song Choice (or performance choice)

This is the big one that can greatly impact the outcome of the audition. Showing your best skill is the way to get noticed. Singers, choose a memorable song with great lyrics and a melody that showcases your talent. Dancers, choose your best combinations that highlight your strengths. Specialty acts, show your strongest material that exhibits the ‘WOW’ factor.


Even though this one sounds silly, especially for online auditions, it is always best to practice your craft and prepare the material until it becomes second nature. If you’re stumbling and fumbling because you’re trying to remember your routine, not only will your confidence be lost but so will your chances of being hired.

Be Original

Casting personnel are looking for talent who are able to showcase themselves, not mimic others. Doing something a little different from what is expected can give the performer a bit of an edge over the competition.

Don’t be afraid to be “Out there”

Being “out there” shouldn’t be considered a portrayal of a caricature wearing flamboyant clothing. It simply means, take some risks and don’t play it safe. Allow personality and creativity to shine. It is encouraged to not try to be what you think the director/producer wants to see but consider making creative and bold choices that will leave a lasting impression, or perhaps, sway the direction of the original concept of the show.

Don’t take “no” for an answer

Approach an audition with the confidence of already having been hired. If rejection ensues, visualize the “no” as a “no, not right now”. Many factors can contribute to why a performer wasn’t cast in a role but instead of doubting your talents and fearing the outcome of the next step, transform the “no” from a flat refusal into an obstacle to be surmounted. Persistency pays off. Making your capabilities known to casting personnel in a single audition can open doors to other opportunities that suit what you have to offer.

Good luck!

The Calltime Team.