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You’re living your dream.  You’ve become a professional dancer—or a successful actor.  Or maybe you’re an acrobat, or even a magician.  Whatever your talent, finding work in the performing arts, can be frustrating.

You can spend hours scouring the Internet, hunting for leads, or pounding the pavement begging for work.  And when you do find an opportunity, the auditions are always, always crowded.  So, you spend even more hours standing in line, waiting, just like all the other candidates.

Finally, you belt out a few bars, or read a few lines of the script, and that’s it.  You’re done.  Turns out, they wanted someone just a little bit taller.

Or, you actually get the job… and the producer… wants you to work for “exposure.”

There has to be a better way.

Introducing Calltime, the online marketplace for professional artists like you.

With Calltime, you can search for jobs that need your talents, and find work anywhere in the world.

Instead of sending producers a whole list of links and attachments, you can send them one link—to your complete, professional profile.

You can even embed a customizable widget on your website.  With one click, producers can learn about your background, and your experience, check out your headshots, and even watch your demo reel.

Producers can also search our site for the talents they need, and find talented artists like you.

We screen every producer on our site very carefully, to make sure they’re real professionals, with real jobs, paying real money.  So, when they request a video audition or offer you a job, you can respond with confidence.

Stop struggling.  Start succeeding.  At

Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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