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As a producer, it’s your job to find the right actor, the right dancer, the right artist for your project.  If only it were that easy.
How much time and money do you waste, traveling from city to city, all over the globe?  Renting out studios, and advertising your auditions?  Wading through crowds of unqualified applicants?  How can you possibly compare the artist you’ve just seen in London, with someone you saw three months ago in Sydney?  By the time you get home, you have piles of resumes to enter into your system.  And the choreographer’s having a fit, because the dancer you hired has two left feet.  There has to be a better way.
Introducing Calltime: the online casting portal, designed for producers, by producers.
You can log in from anywhere, and search our database of artists from all over the world.  Or, post a job, describe your needs, and let interested artists come to you.
Each artist maintains their own personal profile, so there’s no data entry.  And our administrators pre-screen every artist, and “verify” the true professionals.  You can watch each artist’s demo reel.  Drill down, to watch separate videos demonstrating their specialties.  Or, request a custom audition, and see exactly what they can do with your material.
Then, have your staff review each candidate, and score their performance in key areas.  Search their reviews for the most qualified applicants, and easily compile a shortlist.
Now, your director in London and your choreographer in New York can review your final candidates, compare their video auditions head to head, and choose the right artist for the job.
Save money.  Save time.  And find the right artist, faster than ever before, with Calltime.
Calltime. Audition anywhere.

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