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With Calltime, you can audition for producers all over the world.
Just click on “My Auditions,” to review any auditions you’ve already uploaded, and any pending requests.
Whenever you add a new talent to your profile, we’ll ask you to upload a specialty audition.  Just click “Upload Video” on the right.  Then, click “Choose File,” and upload a video from your hard drive—or, click “Add URL,” and link to your video on YouTube or Vimeo.  And then, click “Save.”
Producers can watch your specialty auditions—and request a custom audition.  Just click the “Auditions” tab, to review their request—including any documents or media files they may have attached.  Then, click “Upload” and upload your custom audition, or link to it online.
Any specialty auditions or custom auditions you still need to upload, will also appear on your homepage.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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