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Upgrade your access, and advance your career, with a Premium account on Calltime.
Just click “Upgrade to Premium” at the top of any page.  You can sign up for a monthly subscription, or choose an annual subscription and get two months free.  Enter your payment details, using any of these popular credit cards.  Fill in your billing address.  Check the box to agree to our terms.  And click “Subscribe.”  Review your order, click “Confirm,” and your upgrade is complete!
Now, start enhancing your profile.  Instead of just one demo reel, you can upload as many as you like.  Just click “Browse” and choose a video on your hard drive, or click “Add URL,” and link to a video online.  And then, click Save.
You can also add more photos to your profile.  Just choose an image from your hard drive, check the box to confirm, and save your photo.
You can even click “Edit Specialties,” and identify your specific talents—and then, go to the Auditions tab, and upload a specialty audition for each one.
When a producer finds you in a search, they won’t just see one demo reel; they’ll see demos for all of your talents.  And when they open your profile, they won’t just read about your abilities; they can watch your videos, check out your demo reels, look at all of your photos, and see exactly what you can do for their next project.
You can also search thousands of entertainment jobs from all over the Internet—and as a premium member, you’ll see all of your results , all of your opportunities—not just the first page.
You can click on any job for more details—and if it was posted directly to our site, you can click “Apply Now,” to instantly connect with the producer.  You can even decide whether they’ll see your full name, or your stage name.
Finally, go to your Home tab and scroll down, and you can keep up with the latest industry news.  With a premium membership, you can read all of the updates from all of your newsfeeds, not just the last five stories.
To learn more, just click “Pricing” at the bottom of any page, and review all of our premium features.  With all these great tools, you can take your career to the next level—all for just $2.99 a month.  Or, sign up for a year, and get two full months absolutely free.
And don’t worry, if you ever change your mind, you can click “Manage Your Subscription” at the top of this page, downgrade your account, and keep using our basic tools, for free.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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