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With Calltime, it’s easy to share your profile—and promote your career—anywhere you go.
First, hover over your name at the top right of any page, and click “Settings.”  Click “Privacy” on the left, and make your profile “Public.”  Now, you can share the direct link to your profile with anyone, not just other members.  You can even customize your link, and make it easier to remember.
Now, go to the Home tab, and choose a custom widget on the left.  And, type Control-C to copy.
Instead of sending a producer separate links to your bio, your resume, and your demos, just paste that widget into your email message.  With one click, they can review your complete profile.
Or, go to the settings page for your email account, and paste your widget into your Email Signature.  Every email you send will help you promote your work.
You can even choose a widget, click the red link at the bottom, and then click Control-C to copy our HTML code.  Paste that code into your website—for instance, using a classic HTML editor, or with a simple text widget on WordPress.  Now, whenever a producer visits your site, they can click on your widget to find your profile, and see exactly what you can do.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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