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Calltime makes it easy to review artists, compare their ratings, and find just the right one.
Our administrators review each artist’s look, and score their overall talent, on a scale of one to ten.  On the Search tab, you can specify a minimum rating, and find qualified candidates.
You can also watch each artist’s demo reel, and assign one of your employees to review it.  If you’re using a free account, just assign the review to yourself.
You can also watch each artist’s specialty auditions, demonstrating a particular talent—or, click the clapboard icon to see any custom auditions they’ve recorded just for you.  And again, assign these videos to one of your reviewers.
Visit your Home tab, to see how many reviews are assigned to you.  Click that number for a complete list.  Then, visit each artist’s profile, and click on “Go to Review.”  Or, just click the video icons to go straight to a particular demo.
Watch the artist’s video carefully.  Then, click the Review tab, and score their performance from one to ten in each area.  And add any comments if you like.  You can Save your work and continue later, or Submit your review when you’re done.
Once a review has been submitted, you can click “Open Review” to read it.  Or, click the list icon, for a summary of all of the reviews of this artist submitted by all of your employees.  You’ll see their average score in each area; click “plus” for all the details. 
You can also click the quote icon, and record your overall impressions of this artist.
If you like what you’ve seen, you can send this artist a message, or request a custom audition.  If not, click “blacklist” and they’ll no longer appear on your search results.  And don’t worry, you can always “whitelist” them later.
Let’s go back to the Search tab.  Whenever you search for a particular type of artist, you can also specify a minimum score for any of the related criteria.  With one click, I can search for a singer I’ve already rated, who really knows how to belt.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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