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Calltime helps you manage your jobs, and choose the right candidates.
You already know how to post a job in our database, so artists can read the details and apply online.
Come back to the “Jobs” tab, to review all the jobs you’ve created, including jobs that are currently open, and jobs that have already closed. 
Then, click “View Job Details” for a closer look.  You can Edit a job, and change the details.  Stop taking applications, or make the job private, so artists won’t even see it.  Or, make it public again, and allow them to apply online.  You can even Preview your job, and see exactly how it will appear in their search results.
Click “Manage Candidates,” on this page or straight from the Jobs tab, to review your applicants.  You can check off as many artists as you like, and send them a message, or request a custom audition.  Or, choose a particular candidate, and add them to your shortlist—or hide them, if they’re just not right for this job.  And on the left, you can review any artists you’ve hidden, or go straight to your shortlist.  You can even search your candidates, using any of our tools, and quickly narrow down your options.
Once you’ve made your selection, just send that artist a message to work out the details.  Or, if you’re using an Enterprise-level account, you can send them an official job offer.
Then, come back to your job details, and permanently Close the job.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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