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From the first inquiry to the final offer, Calltime is with you every step of the way.
If a producer likes your profile, they can send you an inquiry and ask you to work on their project.  Just click the “Offers” tab to review all the details, including the starting and ending dates, and any files they may have attached.  Just click “Interested,” and specify whether the producer should see your full name, or your stage name, to start the conversation.
After you apply for a job or respond to an inquiry, the producer may decide to send you an offer.  Just click “Offers” to review the details.  When you’re ready, click “Accept,” and then “OK” to confirm, and the job is yours.  We’ll even mark it on your calendar for you.
Any inquiries, offers, or related messages you receive from producers, will also appear on your Home page.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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