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With Calltime, you can gather custom video auditions from professional artists anywhere in the world.
First, go to the “Auditions” tab, and click on “New Audition” at the top.
Give your audition request a name, and a description, including any special requirements.  You can request an artist of a particular gender, or in a certain age range.  Make your request “active” right away, or save it for later.  And of course, you can specify exactly the talent, or talents, you need.  When you’re done, click “Save.”
Now, click “Add Track,” and explain what you’d like each artist to do for their video audition—for instance, the name and description of a song you’d like them to sing. 
Then, click “Add,” and upload any related files, like a video of your choreography, or a recording of your music, or a monologue to read.  Just select the appropriate file type at the top.  Click “Choose File,” and find it on your hard drive.  Add a description, including any instructions for the artist.  Check the box to confirm.  And click “Upload.”
You can click “Add Sample” and attach additional files—for instance, the accompaniment for this song.  Or, click “Add Track” and request an additional audition piece, like a song in a different style.  When you’re done, click “Save.”
Your new audition request appears on the “Auditions” tab.  You can create additional requests if you like—for instance, one set of auditions for lead vocals, another for backup vocals, or for callbacks.  You can click on any column heading to sort your list, or drag a column heading to the top to group your list by that column.  These are all of my audition requests for rock musicians.
For each audition request, you can add more tracks, or edit the details, on the right.  Or, click “Suggest Talent,” to instantly search for artists who match the specialties, gender, and age range you specified in your request.  Then, check off as many artists as you like, click “Assign Audition” at the top, and select one of your audition requests, to send it to all of the artists you chose.  And of course, you can also run your own custom search, or visit an individual artist’s profile, and request a custom video audition from that particular artist.
Come back to the “Auditions” tab in a few hours, or a few days, to review your results.  You can click “In Progress,” to see any artists you’ve invited to audition who have not yet responded.  Or, click “Completed,” to see which artists have uploaded custom auditions just for you.  Click the black video icon next to your audition request, to go straight to that custom audition.  And then, click Play to see what this artist can do with your material.
For more options, visit the artist’s profile, and click on the clapboard “Audition” tab.  Here, you can see all of the audition requests you’ve sent to this artist, and which auditions they’ve completed.  Then, assign one of your employees to review this audition, click “Open Review” to see what they thought, Resend your  audition request if you’ve made any changes, or assign another custom audition.  I’ll invite this artist, to my callbacks.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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