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Post a new job on Calltime, and you can start gathering auditions from talented artists in minutes.
Just click on the “Jobs” tab, and then click “Post a Job” at the top.
Give your job a title—and if you like, a special code, for your internal reference.
Select your city or state, and choose a related location—or, click “enter custom location,” and describe your location, anywhere in the world.
You can specify the start date, end date, and budget for your project, or discuss these details later.
Now, describe the job, including any special qualifications you might require.
Next, tell us what kind of artist you need.  You can select one of our most popular talents at the top, or expand any art form, and choose whatever talent or talents you need.
You can request a male artist, a female artist, or “any.”  You can even click and drag to set a minimum age, and a maximum age.
Your company’s name and description are filled in automatically, based on your profile.  But you can make any changes if needed.
You can include your company logo, upload a special logo just for this project, or post your job with no logo at all.
Finally, select your privacy settings.  When artists on Calltime search our jobs database, would you like them to find your job and apply online?  Would you rather search our talent database and choose candidates yourself?  Or, should we keep this job Private, so no one can see it unless you invite them to audition?
Chose the date when you’ll stop taking applications, check the box to agree to our terms, and click “Post.”  You’re done!
Depending on the options you chose, artists can search for any keyword, find your new opportunity, and instantly apply for the job.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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