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As a new producer on Calltime, the first thing to do is to set up your profile.
Just log in, and click on “Profile” at the top.
Your personal information appears on the left.  You can edit your avatar.  Just click “Browse,” choose a photo on your computer, check the box to confirm, and click Save.  Or, click the edit icon next to your email address, and fill in your name, and your contact information.  You can even link your new account, to your accounts on social media.  And again, click Save.
Your company’s profile appears on the right.  You can click the edit icon at the top, or click “Edit Company Information” below.  Then, write a description of your company; for instance, you might explain your company history.  You can also update your company’s name, email address, URL, and other contact details.  You can even click Browse, and upload your company logo.  Again, check the box to confirm, and click “Save.”
Finally, click on the “Specialties” tab and tell us what kinds of artists you work with.  You can choose one of our most popular specialties at the top, or click on any art form to expand it, and check off your specific specialty or specialties—as many as you like.  And again, click “Save.”
When you’re ready, click “Enable Public Profile,” to share your company profile with our members.  Now, professional artists on Calltime can search for your specialties, and easily find you.  And when a new talent signs up in your niche, we’ll notify you automatically.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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