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Getting started on Calltime is easy.  In just minutes, you can sign up, create a profile, and start auditioning for producers all over the world.
Simply go to, and sign up on the right.  Enter your email address, choose a password, and repeat to confirm.  Then, click “Sign Up.”  You can also sign up instantly, using your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Yahoo.
Now, click “Add More Info” on the left, and start creating your talent profile.
First, tell us what you do.  Choose your art form, and check off your talents—as many as you like.  When you’re done, click “Save and Continue.”  You can also “skip” any step, and come back to it later.
Next, show us your work.  You can click “Browse,” and upload your demo reel.  Or, click “Add URL,” and link to a video online.  And again, save your changes.
Then, add your picture.  Click “Browse,” and upload a photo.  Check the box to confirm, and then click save.
Now, fill in some more details, like your stage name, your legal name, and your address.  You can also provide your birthdate, gender, height, and more.  You can even link to your accounts on social media.  And again, click Save.
Finally, describe your background.  You can click “edit” and write a short bio.  Click “Add Education,” and describe your training.  Click “Add Experience,” and explain some of your credits.  And add more details about your training and experience, to tell the whole story.  Or, you can upload your entire resume as a PDF.  When you’re ready, click “All Done” to save your profile.
Producers from all over the world can search for the skills they need, and find your profile.  Once your profile is 100% complete, we’ll review your credentials and verify that you’re a working professional talent—and then, your profile will appear at the top of their search results.
Sign up today, absolutely free, at

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