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With Calltime, it’s easy to find the artist or artists you need.
Just click on the “Search” tab.  You can browse through all of our artists on the right.  Search for a particular artist by name, or by email address, on the left.  Or, just tell us what kind of artist you need.  You can select one of our most popular specialties, or expand any art form, and choose the particular specialty (or specialties) you need.
Then, narrow down your search by gender, or by nationality, or search for artists in your geographic area.
Depending on your art form, you might also check “filter by age,” and choose a minimum age, and a maximum age.  Or, check “filter by height,” and choose a minimum height, and a maximum height.
Finally, check “show Calltime verified talent only,” to limit your search to professional artists, with complete profiles, who’ve been personally approved by our administators.
Now, click “Search,” to find any artists who match ALL of your criteria.  You’ll see each artist’s headshot, their name, their city, and their special talents.  A black icon like this one, means this artist has uploaded a video demo reel, or a video audition for this particular talent.
You can check off as many artists as you like, and send them all a message, or invite them to record a custom audition just for your project.  We’ll show you how in our next video.
Or, click on an artist’s name to explore their complete profile.  You can read about their background, check out their photos, watch their video demos, and more.  Then, send them a message and tell them about your project, or invite them to audition.
Calltime.  Audition anywhere.

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