As an actor, you know the game. You must endure countless rejections before getting that break for which you’ve worked so hard.

With each audition, you open yourself up to potential heartache. You’re fully aware that each audition has its own challenges. And you prepare for those challenges, and give your full effort.

But…what happens when you have an awful audition? An audition where, for some reason or another, you just did not hit on all cylinders.

Well, have no fear. We have all had to endure terrible auditions. And here are five amazing tips – to not only help you recover, but to help you succeed on every one of your auditions going forward.


Ok, so you’ve just suffered through a debacle of an audition. In life, when things go wrong – whether it’s a terrible audition, bad date or whatever – you must regroup.

Sit back. And take into all into perspective. Then, step away from that realm for a day or two. Go hiking. Hit the gym hard. Relax at the beach.

It was a bad audition. Not a zombie invasion. The sun will rise again tomorrow. And, so will you. Once you have given yourself some time-off, you are ready to jump back into the game.


Once you’ve had some time to regroup. Your next step is evaluate what went wrong, and how to prevent it from happening again. Take any constructive criticism you received and think about it. Decide what criticism is worth taking under consideration. And discard the rest.

There is no purpose thinking about any criticism that is aimed at destroying your confidence. Instead, focus on the criticism that is aimed at helping you becoming better at your craft.


One bad audition may just be an anomaly. But, it also may be a sign that you need to practice. The old saying “practice makes perfect” exists because it’s true.

Watch footage of your favorite, well-respected actor. Take notes. Watch your old reels, when you were at your best. Audition in front of the mirror. In front of your friends. Your dog. Or whoever.

Just practice, and keep honing your skills.


Once you have moved on from your bad experience, you should look for inspiration.

And that means you must find what inspires YOU. Whether it is nature, art or watching The Walking Dead.  Get that inspiration, because without it, an artist such as yourself cannot reach full potential.

You’ll be ready for rocking that next audition after you’ve added inspiration to your life.


This is a must! Regain your composure, and dig deep down inside to find that confidence you once possessed.

Next time you walk into an audition, hold your head high, and look into the eyes of the casting director and everyone else, and command their attention.

After that, the sky is the limit. Keep moving towards your dream. You will get there.

Audition Tips from the Team at Calltime Excel