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Performing at Sea – Performance Tips From Calltime

Since cruise ship entertainment is a rapidly growing industry, performers often wonder how they can become involved and what they can expect from the experience.  Working at sea can offer steady employment, great pay, and the ability to save money, all while traveling...

9 Tips for Creating Great Demo Reels

At Calltime, we obviously see a lot of demo reels and get asked all of the time, “What is the best way to make a demo reel?” We decided to put together a list below of 9 tips for building great demo reels. 1. Only show your best material. So often, people make the...

Standing Out From The Crowd – Audition Tips From Calltime

The key to success in an audition (or any job interview) is standing out from the crowd by establishing methods that will make you more noticeable amongst the competition. Thanks to the advancements in casting technology, performers are afforded the convenience of...

Calltime Adds Acting to Its Worldwide Talent Pool

Calltime is an efficient and convenient source to get talent recognized and hired by top-rated casting directors and production companies worldwide. With a simple click of a mouse, experience the new age of casting technology that eliminates lengthy wait times in line...

Calltime Adds Models to Its Worldwide Talent Pool

Calltime has created a proven method of success in connecting talent with an array of exclusive entertainment industry professionals who are looking to cast the next big star… without ever leaving the home or office. The convenience of promoting yourself on a global...

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Performing at Sea – Tips from Calltime

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