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5 Unspoken Heroes of Entertainment

he people we know from movies and music and television are valued for their talents and their image. We don’t always know the names and faces of the supporting team that helps them to mold that talent and image. Here are five unspoken heroes of entertainment… Frank...

5 Craziest Red Carpet Moments

The red carpet is where dreams come true, where young stars first see their name in lights. It’s the big event, rainbow’s end for many entertainers… Usually. Here are some of the crazy, weird and wacky moments that have happened on the red carpet: Reporter Gets Frisky...

5 Entertainment Myths That Just Aren’t True

Myths, rumors and urban legends surrounding showbiz do tend to double the entertainment value, but here are some that have been thoroughly debunked. IN THE AIR TONIGHT The legend goes that Phil Collins wrote this song after witnessing someone drowning. Collins was too...

Understanding Entertainment Workflow and Timelines

One of the top support requests we receive at Calltime are questions about how long it takes to get a job or a gig after posting your profile. Typically the questions are something along the lines of: “I posted my profile last week and haven’t gotten a job yet, why...

Participating in the Show Installation Process

People often think that once they get through the rehearsal process the hardest part is over. It is now time to start enjoying the performances. For many productions, however, there is still one more important step between the studio rehearsals and the actual...

3 Audition Tapes that Launched Celebrity Careers

When we look at the crazy and luxurious lives of famous celebrities, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time that they were relatively unknown. But even the most popular actors and actresses today got their start somewhere. Here are some of the auditions that...

Professional Correspondence Tips for Performers – Calltime

Most performers spend hours upon hours, not to mention a lot of money, preparing their headshots, resumes, and demo reels to send out to producers. After all this work, why torpedo yourself by not sending it out properly? Professional correspondence is of the utmost...

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