Calltime has created a proven method of success in connecting talent with an array of exclusive entertainment industry professionals who are looking to cast the next big star… without ever leaving the home or office. The convenience of promoting yourself on a global scale opens the door to unimaginable offers from places you’ve only dreamt about.

Based on the high volume of jobs being booked through the site by dancers, singers, acrobats, and musicians, we are welcoming models to be amongst our long list of success stories.

Find your niche in the multitude of categories Calltime offers that focuses on getting your best assets noticed quickly. Modeling categories include:

Fashion Model Calltime EXCEL

Fashion Model

FASHION MODEL: Fashion Models are often used to promote products such as clothing.
Fashion modeling is a very exclusive industry to break into and requires very specific physical qualifications. Fashion Models must be tall, thin, and more often than not, young. Fashion Models also typically have very unique and or distinctive features.

Editorial Fashion Model Calltime EXCEL

Editorial Fashion Model

EDITORIAL FASHION MODEL: Editorial Fashion Models can be found in magazines such as Vogue and Elle. The vast majority of editorial fashion agencies are found in New York City but other cities such as Chicago and LA also have this market. To be an Editorial Model you must have very specific physical features. Most important among these are being tall and very thin. Editorial Models are expected to be able to tell a story without words through photographic pictures. Their work will often include the newest fashion, beauty, make up, and hairstyles to be photographed.

Calltime EXCEL Fashion Catalog Model

Fashion Catalog Model

FASHION CATALOG MODEL: While fashion Catalogue Modeling is slightly less restrictive in its requirements than fashion modeling, it is still a very difficult field to break into. Female Fashion Models are usually between 5’8’’ and 6’1’’ and males are usually 5’10’’ to 6’2’’. These models can be seen in clothing catalogs. These models do not need to be as thin as a fashion model as they are meant to be more relatable to those looking through the catalogue. They do need to be fit and toned, however. Also white teeth are a very attractive feature for this type of modeling.


Calltime EXCEL Runway Model

Runway Model

RUNWAY MODEL: Runways Models spend their time walking the “catwalk” or “runway”. Runway Models must be tall, very thin, and have a working knowledge of how to walk the runway. The average female runway models are 5’9’’ and above and the males are 5’11’’ and above. Most often they are between the ages of 17 and 23.They primarily focus on modeling new clothes on the runway at fashion events.


Calltime EXCEL - Commercial Model

Commercial Model

COMMERCIAL MODEL: Commercials Models can be seen in catalogs, television commercials, print advertisements, magazines, and beyond. The height, weight, and look requirements for commercial models are much less restrictive than other types of modeling such as runway or fashion models. There is work for people of all different heights, weights, and styles in this category. Commercial Models more often than not also need to have the ability to act.


Calltime EXCEL - Print Model

Print Model

PRINT MODEL: As the name suggests, Print Models are found in all places that pictures are printed. Examples would be magazines, brochures, calendars, posters, and billboards to name a few. Print models must have good skin, attractive faces, and nice bodies. Print Models come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Calltime EXCEL - Glamour Model

Glamour Model

GLAMOUR MODEL: Glamour Models must be very attractive, have a certain sex appeal, and have a nice body. Glamour models are typically portrayed in a romantically alluring way for commercial use such as calendars, posters and pinups.


Promotional Model - Calltime EXCEL

Promotional Model

PROMO MODEL / PROMOTIONAL MODEL: Promotional Models are hired to promote things such as products or brands. There are no height or weight restrictions but those that have a nice smile, are outgoing, and are attractive to the eye book the most work in this category. These models can be used as spokesmodels who are the “face” of the company or brand. Spokesmodels often have signed contracts with a specific company. Promotional Models can also be used at trade shows and conventions. When working a trade show or convention the model may be asked to learn some talking points for the company or brand that they are representing.

Calltime EXCEL - Catalog Model

Catalog Model

CATALOG MODEL: A Catalog Model is very similar to a “Fashion Catalog Model” except they do not need to meet the same strict requirements when it comes to physical fitness and height. Catalogs are used to promote all different shapes and sizes and so there must be models to accommodate those needs. This is a category where petite or plus size models often find work.

Calltime EXCEL - Petite Model

Petite Model

PETITE MODEL: Petite Models appear in print ads, commercials, glamour pictures, and other promotions. Petite Models tend to be between 4’9’’ and 5’7’’. Petite Models often have very good posture.

Calltime EXCEL - Fitness Model

Fitness Model

FITNESS MODEL: Fitness Models model with emphasis on their physique. These models spend a considerable amount of time working on their bodies and staying in shape. Fitness Models have an athletic physique with toned muscles. They have very little body fat. There are no height requirements for Fitness Models. Aside from keeping their body at its optimum condition these models must also know how to pose. Fitness Models can work in print or television.

Calltime EXCEL - Part Model

Parts Model

PARTS MODEL: A Parts Model models certain parts of their body such as feet, hands, necks, legs, and smiles to name a few. They are used in everything from print ads to billboards to online promotional work. There are no height or weight requirements.

Plus Size Model - Calltime Excel

Plus Size Model

PLUS-SIZE MODEL: Plus Size or Full Figure Models have fuller figures than the average model. They must have very beautiful and/or unique faces. Plus size models can work within print, television, and online.

Art Model - Calltime Excel

Art Model

ART MODEL:  Art Models pose for the visual arts as part of a creative process. The most common work for Art Models is for figure drawing, photography, figure painting, and sculpture. They are asked to pose for art classes while the artist creates the piece of art.

Pinup Model Calltime EXCEL

Pinup Model

PINUP MODEL: Pinup Models get their name from the 1940’s models whose pictures were meant to be “pinned up” on the wall. Their photos are widely produced. These models will find work in magazines, newspapers, and Internet. They typically are still dressed in the 1940’s clothing style. There are no specific height or weight requirements for these positions.

Calltime EXCEL - Alternative Model

Alternative Model

ALT MODEL, or ALTERNATIVE MODEL: Alternative Models are those who are outside of the typically “model standards”. Many of these artists have tattoos, non-mainstream hairstyles, and varying heights and weights. These models do not necessarily conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. They often represent subcultures such as “Goth”, for example.

L: A Freelance Model is a model that does not have exclusive representation. These models are responsible for finding their own work and do not have to pay any kind of commission when they do so. Freelance Models work in all different genres of modeling and find a lot of their work through the Internet or word of mouth.

So, what are you waiting for? Be the model of success by taking advantage of the benefits of having the control of your career path right at your fingertips and let Calltime be your guide.

The Calltime Team