The red carpet is where dreams come true, where young stars first see their name in lights. It’s the big event, rainbow’s end for many entertainers… Usually. Here are some of the crazy, weird and wacky moments that have happened on the red carpet:

Reporter Gets Frisky With Will Smith

There’s a lot of hugging and handshaking going on at the red carpet, but sometimes, people get carried away. This is what happened to Will Smith at the premier of Men in Black 3, and he reacted about as you’d expect.

Kim K. Gets Flour-Bombed

When people throw paint on shoppers outside of fur stores, the statement is clear, it’s easy to read and makes perfect sense. When people throw flour at a Kardashian, you can only wonder what sort of political statement they were trying to make.

Gary Busey Being Gary Busey

Really you could choose any Busey moment for this spot on the list. This is just one of those crazy moments where Gary Busey was, well, being Gary Busey. There’s plenty more videos like this one to be found if you ever have an hour to kill.

Parker And Stone

One of the all time greatest moments: when South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone showed up in revealing dresses, and stole the show. You have to admit, they wore low cut dresses better than some stars have. Of course, not everyone there was so amused. Antonio Banderas was spotted shaking his head at the duo (and can you blame him?).

Pretty Much Any Dress Lady Gaga Has Ever Worn

Though she doesn’t go in for the same wild stunts as people like Parker and Stone, Lady Gaga has always managed to turn heads at the red carpet. Her bizarre fashion sense has always been intriguing, shocking, confusing and a whole lot of fun.