When we look at the crazy and luxurious lives of famous celebrities, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time that they were relatively unknown. But even the most popular actors and actresses today got their start somewhere. Here are some of the auditions that catapulted your favorite celebrities to stardom.

Steve Carell

While Carell might be best known as the quirky character Michael Scott on The Office, he got his big break with his role in the 2003 movie Anchorman. Prior to this interview, Carell was simply an actor who made occasional appearances on shows like The Daily Show. His audition for Anchorman had the entire room laughing, leading to him getting the role and keeping the rest of the world laughing with him for years to come.Rachel McAdams 

With starring roles in movies and TV Shows like Morning GloryThe Time Traveler’s Wife and The Vow, Rachel McAdams’ name is basically a synonym for romantic comedies. Her most well-known movie, The Notebook, was what made her famous and we found the audition that started it all. McAdams reportedly took ballet and etiquette classes to nail this audition and clearly they paid off!Miley Cyrus

Twerking and outrageous outfits might be the first thing that you think of when you hear her name now, but back in 2004, 11 year old Cyrus auditioned for a role on Hannah Montana. What you may not know is that Miley originally auditioned for the part of the best friend. However, she impressed the producers so much that they changed the name of the lead role from Chloe to Miley and gave it to Cyrus.