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Connect Talent with the Right Performance Gigs

Calltime simplifies the auditioning process and connects professional talent with the best performing jobs.

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Audition world-wide instantly and easily with customized virtual auditions with Calltime for Producers.

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Learn how to market yourself to entertainment producers and tips to land that audition.

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Get expert technical and artistic assistance on making your demo reel stand out from the rest.

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We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Producers
& Talent

Calltime streamlines the hiring process for producers and allows entertainment producers to quickly screen and select the right talent for their production.

Producers keep their favorite talent at their fingertips with the Calltime application, leading to more rehires and lasting producer-talent relationships.

The result? By reinventing the auditioning process, Calltime leads to better hires, better shows and an overall streamlined casting experience for both Talent and Producers.


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“Outsourcing our entertainment talent database saved us thousands on IT costs versus our old in-house database!”

International Live Entertainment Producer

“Instead of days or weeks to find, audition and hire a performer, we could get our replacements selected for the ship in hours!"

Cruise Ship Entertainment Production Company

“We used to have 5 full-time employees managing our in-house talent database, monitoring and dealing with talent. Calltime made us more efficient and reduced our headcount requirements by 80%! It has saved us hundreds of thousands over the years!

US-Based Live Entertainment Production Company


News and Tips

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5 Unspoken Heroes of Entertainment

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5 Craziest Red Carpet Moments

5 Craziest Red Carpet Moments

The red carpet is where dreams come true, where young stars first see their name in lights. It’s the big event, rainbow’s end for many entertainers… Usually. Here are some of the crazy, weird and wacky moments that have happened on the red carpet: Reporter Gets Frisky...

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